Next Wipe: February 4 2021

  • Wipe Poll – February 4th, 2021

    This next wipe brings another map of size 4000. This time, I generated maps using the Steam ID of various people on the server to create truely unique maps. This map will have Military Tunnels (guaranteed!). The map will be generated BEFORE wipe and verified and then copied over from the testing server to production.

    We are also looking at creating our first admin created safe zone for players to visit. Due to time constraints, this will be done IN game and not before hand.

    We’re still averaging more than 100 unique players even with a drop in play before wipe.

    Click on the image of the map below to open it in a new tab

    The Diggity – Size 4000

    The Gob – Size 4000

    The Larissa – Size 4000

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    Review the maps above and select a map for the wipe on February 4th, 2021
    38 votes · 38 answers

  • Wipe Poll – January 21st, 2021

    This will be the first wipe since the mandatory wipe of 2021. We originally created the server with a 3500 size map due to our low pop before wipe.

    After wipe we had a huge spike in population. That being said, most people congregated to the same area of the map. I am offering up 2 3500 size maps and 2 4000 size maps. This round I’ve focused on islands and added a few options with military tunnels as it was requested and missing from the last map. Click on the maps to view them in a new tab.

    Map 1 – Size 3500 – Seed 301

    Map 2 – Size 3500 – Seed 5230

    Map 3 – Size 4000 – Seed 25364

    Map 4 – Size 4000 – Seed 30184

    This poll is no longer accepting votes