The Canadian Rust Eh? server was founded an attempt to build a Rust community that minimizes
toxicity, while having an admin presence available to curb hackers, botters, cheaters and general ne’erdo-wells. After much discussion, it was decided that the server would still need to be a full PvP server, in
the original spirit of Rust, while placing some loose rules on fair play and gamesmanship. Almost all rule
decisions can be drawn back to a simple rule: the rule of Eh?

The Rule of Eh?

  • Raid them.
  • Loot them.
  • Move on.

At the forefront of what the admins view as fair play is deciding what constitutes “Griefing”. As admins,
we polled the playerbase of the server to get a wide view of what most players view as griefing. We’ve
compiled their responses into a short list of offenses, almost all of which can be referred back to the Rule of Eh?

Door Camping”. While there may be several interpretations of what may be considered door camping, the admins have settled on a loose definition that should fit most situations. If you’re waiting outside someone’s door for them to come out, with zero intention of blowing that door open, you are door camping. If your quarry flees into their base and slams a door in your face, the onus is on you to return with explosives to remove the offending door.

Insiding”. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you gain access to a players tool cupboard, and by that extension their base, it will be considered griefing if you change the locks or modify the base in a way that prevents them from exiting or re-entering. Refer to the Rule of Eh? if this
ruling is unclear.

Harassment”. This includes but is not limited to; sitting outside a base and using voice comms to call them names, taunt them, or in general be a jerk; corpse camping; uncouth language in general chat. If in doubt as to whether what you may be saying or doing falls under harassment,
you can probably safely assume that it does.

Ganging”. While there is no explicit rule for group sizes on the Canadian Rust Eh? server, the admins will consider large groups of players hunting down smaller groups for fun as griefing. Should it get out of control, a group size limit will be enforced.

Rust can be an emotional game. Sometimes those emotions run high and you find yourself saying or doing something that you may not do under normal circumstances. The admins understand this and will operate on a case-by-case basis. However, there will always be a verbal warning for the first infraction.

The admins cannot act on hearsay. While we have access to several forms of logs, a video or screenshot will back up your case stronger than anything we can find in the logs. They can sent to the admins via discord and will help mitigate your case more quickly. Furthermore, the admins are only human. If it is not brough to their attention, they cannot fix the problem.

Repeat offenders will be banned.

Zero Tolerance
There may be occasion, however, for an immediate ban with no verbal warning. They included, but may
not be limited to:

  1. Hate Speech. This includes racism, homophobia, and misogyny. This is self-explanatory. The use of slurs in any channel of communication or on sign boards on the Canadian Rust Eh? Server will be met with immediate suspension.
  2. Use of Exploits/Cheats.

    KOS Rules
    Currently, there are no rules against Kill on Sight on the Canadian Rust Eh? server. Rust is a PvP game, and CRE? is a PvP server.