Canadian Rust Eh?

February Wipe + BP Changes

The server has spoken! We had a vote on new changes to BP and server wipes. It was a very close vote but Weekly wipes pulled ahead and won. The new format will be the following:

Wipe: Weekly
BP Wipe: 6 months
Team size: 8 (server max)
Map Size: 3000

That being said… nothing is carved into stone. I was skeptical of weekly wipes at first, until I got very bored after a week.

The more experienced teams on the server will spend the last week of a wipe raiding people which changes the dynamic. More frequent wipes helps new people learn the game, allows you to try out new base design and builds more frequently.

What if I’m a casual player? I suffer! This was my original thought. The benefit I realized was that I can take a week off and come back next week. I don’t have to wait 2 weeks or go play on another server. Also, casual over 2 weeks vs 1 week, means you’re actually more behind on a 2 week server because they have more time to build up over a longer period.

I think this will be a welcomed change. We will be monitoring it. Some of you may be asking yourself, “What about the fact the votes were so close?! What about votes?”. Nothing is forever. We can run 4 wipes in a month and see how we like it. Option 2 is still there as an option. Let’s see how the first 2 or 3 wipes play out. Give us some feedback on Discord after Wipe 1.

Last but not least! The new map is made from MY Steam ID. Bonez will be debuting 12:00 AM EST Thursday Feburary 18th, 2021.