Canadian Rust Eh?wipe-poll

Wipe Poll – January 21st, 2021

This will be the first wipe since the mandatory wipe of 2021. We originally created the server with a 3500 size map due to our low pop before wipe.

After wipe we had a huge spike in population. That being said, most people congregated to the same area of the map. I am offering up 2 3500 size maps and 2 4000 size maps. This round I’ve focused on islands and added a few options with military tunnels as it was requested and missing from the last map. Click on the maps to view them in a new tab.

Map 1 – Size 3500 – Seed 301

Map 2 – Size 3500 – Seed 5230

Map 3 – Size 4000 – Seed 25364

Map 4 – Size 4000 – Seed 30184

This poll is no longer accepting votes